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Environmentally friendly tree surgery in Northamptonshire and surrounding counties

We understand and respect the wildlife species that inhabit the trees and surrounding habitat in which we work. Prior to work commencing we conduct a habitat survey to ensure that birds, bats, plants and other wildlife are protected.


Debris removed from sites is recycled. Woodchips are spread annually in the autumn onto agricultural land and incorporated into the soil prior to sowing the next season’s crops. Timber is processed into firewood.

Chippings from your tree works can be left on site for your use and timber can be logged and left on site if required. Please let us know your requirements.

Log splitting service:

We can split your own logs ready to be stored and seasoned. Please ask for details.


Firewood is available for delivery. Please see here for loads and prices.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Conservation Areas:

We regularly carry out work on trees within a Conservation Area or areas that are subject to a TPO. We are happy to act as Agent on behalf of our clients to gain consent for works from your Local Authority.

Pests and Diseases:

We can identify pests and diseases and advise on appropriate courses of action.

Local Wildlife


If you would like beautiful trees we would like to hear from you. Call Maurice Fitch Tree Works now on 01788 221 745